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Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary – Moe Lalonde

Welcome to Our Blog!

At nearly 25,000 miles in circumference, it seems that the earth is a pretty big place, and for four and a half billion years it has been.  Recently though, human ingenuity has made the planet much smaller.

Over the Christmas holiday, my son, Craig and his girlfriend, Carrie, easily traveled the 2,300 miles from Kanab, Utah to our home in Clinton, NY.  (OK, so with a missed connection in Denver, maybe their return trip to Utah wasn’t quite as easy!)  Last July, my wife Sarah and I visited our daughter, Amanda, and her husband, Steven, in Okinawa, Japan.  That’s 7,600 miles one way. Our side trip to Thailand was another 1,900-mile hop.  Piece of cake!  Laine Sutherland, whose talents helped create this blog site, worked on it from her home in South Africa.  An Australian graphic artist crafted the STEM to STEAM logo used for our online store.  The world has indeed become very small!

Helping Planet Earth by Making Small Changes

Being so connected makes this an amazing time to live, but it has a real cost.  As the standard of living increases for the 7.7 billion of us who call this blue sphere home, the stress we place on it grows too.  I believe that most people do care about the environment and all the life it supports.  To sustain a good quality of living for all some things need to change.  This blog is one small effort I’m making to help promote positive change.  My goal is to collect and share ideas with you which will help lessen our impact on the Earth.   Hopefully, these easy, practical ideas will also empower our students to help shape the world they’re inheriting.  Tiny steps to be sure, but that’s how we can begin this journey of a thousand miles. Please join me and consider making the small changes that can, collectively, yield significant results.  Here’s to a healthier planet in 2019!

Moe Lalonde


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