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LED Night Lights: Little Things Add Up!

When it comes to saving energy, the little things add up, and night-lights are a good example!  New LED night lights use 87% to 95% less electricity than the traditional style.  That means if you were to use a typical .3 watt LED night light twelve hours a day, 365

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LED Super Hero Kids! (Kid edition)

How would you like to help save the planet?  You don’t need superhero powers, just use less energy!  One simple way to use less energy is to start using a new type of light bulb called an LED. Thomas Edison changed the world in 1879 when he created the light

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LEDs for Recessed and Track Lights

I hope you enjoyed my blog on LED bulbs and found it helpful.  Perhaps you’ve begun changing over and are on your way to saving money and the planet!  There’s a lot to know about these energy-saving bulbs, so this is a follow-up article to help you understand more about

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Halogen Bulbs

Halogen light bulbs are often advertised as a more energy-efficient way to light your home.  It is true that they are significantly more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. But when you compare them to LED lighting, they don’t come close!  The following comparison shows what I mean. Type of Bulb 

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Save $ and be Green with LED Bulbs!

Save money and reduce your impact on the planet at the same time?  Sounds too good to be true, but you do this by changing over to LED light bulbs.  Like any new technology, it can be a bit confusing so I’ll try to shed some light on the subject.

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Best Shopping Bags?

Not long ago the question at the checkout was “Paper or plastic?” Well, we’re not seeing many paper bags these days.  As it turns out, they may not be the better, environmentally friendly option.  Besides cutting down trees, it takes a lot of energy to make and transport the heavier

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