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World Oceans Day

Are you an ocean person? I am an ocean person.  My grandparents lived near the ocean when I was growing up.  I loved to play in the water, search the tide pools for living creatures, collect shells and sea glass, and climb on the rocks when I was a child. 

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Healthier Lawn Care

In my last blog “Should I Weed and Feed My Lawn?” I suggested that we consider the health and environmental costs of using chemicals to keep a beautiful lawn.   Many commonly used lawn products are highly effective at killing weeds and insects but are also toxic to people, pets and

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Should I Weed and Feed My Lawn ?

Except for our friends in southern latitudes, most of us haven’t seen much green in a while.  Fortunately, we’ll all be welcoming spring soon and all the renewed life it brings.  It’ a time when many homeowners take on the task of beautifying their yards for the summer season.  For

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